Thursday, November 20, 2014

First E-mail home!

Elder Carter is doing wonderful! I have a good friend working there at the MTC who sent me a few photo's of Jesse and himself. We love having those connections! Look how happy he is! That is his companion on the right, Elder Bradley from Logan Utah, then Jesse, then my friend Hudson. What a great looking group of guys!


Hello everyone!!
So, in answer to you questions, today is P-day, I'm pretty sure I got all your letters, I got my package, my district leader is in charge of getting the mail so he checks everyday, I leave the 24th (Monday woot woot!!), I clicked really well with my comp,  and church is great!! There was only maybe 20 missionaries there, but it was great! That's where I ran into Ray and Debbie! They aren't my branch though... 
My companion (Elder Bradley from Logan) is awesome!! He does impersonations and we all get a kick out of it. Oh, and he looks like Tom Hanks. That also makes us smile ;)
There are 8 elders in my district, and we're all going to Rapid City!!! My roomies are my companion (obviously), and Elder's Tautaiolefue (good name! He's Samoan) and Havens. They're great guys, every one!!! We struggle to get to bed on time because we get along so well....... but we're doing much better now! The other elders are White, Haroldson, Brownie (he's a critique when it comes to brownies too haha), Metcalf. Again. Every one is great! The sisters in our district are going to Vancouver Canada (Yay dad!) and they are sister's Jeppson, Yonk, and Ealy, the later 2 are redheads :)
ANYWAY!!! First day at the MTC was amazing!!! The spirit here is so strong! The people are wonderful!! The food is good for the most part, although I'm too chicken to try the OJ, even though Sis. Jeppson drinks it every morning and says she hasn't had any issues yet (I'm sure she's lying though (;) Our district gets along so well, probably too well, cause when we're supposed to be studying we usually get distracted.... Who ever thought we should do our studies in the class room needs to revise that decision. I think I have laughed more in the last week than I have in forever!!! Today we went to the temple and I felt the spirit stronger than any time before. We truly are set apart from the rest of the world, and are given blessings that are specific to our call, especially that of having the Spirit with us more abundantly. 
The 2nd day was ruff.... we started teaching "investigators" that day (our teachers played the part of one of their investigators) and that went well, but we all realized how far we have to go and how new we really are. 3rd day was even harder. We get a lot of study time (whether we study the whole time or not... oops) but it still isn't enough. I'm struggling to learn how to study properly, but my teachers are great!! Dalyn Zibetti's sister is one of my teachers! What a small world, eh? Our teachers are so great! They know so much and have been able to help me with all my problems but one. We have a progressing investigator (people they hire to come investigate the church whether they are members or not) that has absolutely no religious background. He's from Japan, his parents claimed Buddhism, but he thinks it was scary, and that religion in general is scary. He invited us to come teach him because he goes to BYU and the people are so nice, and he thought it was so odd. He's used to people not caring, and if they do something nice it means they want something from you. We've had 3 lessons with him and nothing seems to be clicking with him. Everything we've tried to teach he has dismissed as scary or weird, and as we try to explain ourselves better, he just gets confused.... It's tough!! He's a great guy! Love him to death! He's and amazing man! I'm trying to understand how I can bring him closer to Christ... any thoughts would be stupendous :)
The rest of my time has been great! I'm over that initial terror and feelings of self-disappointment, and ready to get out in the field!!
Well, long story short, I am doing STUPENDOUS! Loving every minute! Don't hate me for saying this, but I don't miss home at all ;)
Love you all!!!!
Elder Carter the 5th

Don't forget to Dear Elder him everyday before Noon! He flies to South Dakota on Monday the 24th, so this Friday is the last time we can Dear Elder him. He would love to hear from you all! 

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  1. Go get em tiger. Take care. Oh the blessings you and your family will receive will be amazing for your willingness to serve the Lord and his children. Take care and try not to freeze and I will keep in touch. YOU'LL DO FANTABULOUS ELDER CARTER.