Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Every day, Every day, Every day

Alright, General Conference was fantastic. Can I get an Amen? My favorite talk was either Elder Ucthdorfs about "Grace" on Sunday, or the guy that said "Every day, Every day, Every day" (I can't remember his name....).
So, the mission office address is 2525 West Main Street, Suite 311 Rapid City, SD 57702. So, from now on, mail everything there, just in case I'm transferred (which won't happen for probably 3 more months at the earliest)
This week has been pretty darn good, but it's kind of jumbled due to conference.... I'm still kind of hung over from it..... Nice weather for part of the week though! Than back to the 20's and 30's. J is doing the same.... He is still J. Got a new job and loves coming to church. We helped a guy sheet rock his basement, and while we were doing so, he told us that we are "worse than any other religion, including Muslims and Jews, because we are so close to the truth, but we contradict important parts in the Bible", and, instead of getting defensive, which is my natural tendency, I actually felt like he meant it in the nicest way possible. Maybe the reason it didn't sting, or make me want to correct him, was because he was wrong about his responses, and we had the answers to his questions, and hopefully we can come and answer some of his concerns. He knows the Bible like no one else I know, but, the coolest part about having a religion that is led by Christ himself through a prophet, is that there can be no contradictions since God cannot contradict Himself. that was a pretty common theme in Conference too! There will always be unanswered questions, but don't doubt what you already know to be true just because you don't know the answer to something you can't yet understand. Perspective is vital. If we can keep an eternal perspective, all things will be "meted unto us".
Well, I don't really have much to say this week... hopefully next week my brain "un-fogs" and I'll be able to think strait again haha!

 General Conference quotes (just some quick ones haha)

“Be rooted in the Gospel and regular in its practices.” [Elder Oaks]
“Be bold in speaking FOR Marriage.” [Elder Perry] 
“The Plan of Happiness is an enabling plan” [Elder Christofferson] 
“God cares about who we are becoming, not who we once were” [Elder Renlund]
“The Family strengthens our ability to follow the Savior” [Elder Cook]. 
“Temples are a place of beauty, order, respite and peace; the blessings of the temple are priceless” [President Monson] 
“There will always be questions with no answers, so focus on what you know” [Sister Wixom] 
“On Easter the destiny of all of God’s children changed. Grace is an endowment of strength” [President Uchtdorf] 
“The faithful use of agency depends on Religious Freedom” [Elder Hales] 
“The Lord is doing His own work” [Elder Andersen] 
“The Sabbath is a perpetual Covenant” [Elder Nelson]

Love and miss you all!!
Elder Carter V

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