Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's snowing in the middle of may....

Yep, you heard me. Snow. May 11th. Snow! And not just a flake here or a flake there, it's coming down hard! Now, it doesn't stick, just turns to slush and starts to melt, but still...
Well, Mothers day was awesome! Miss my fam like mad.... But that's okay! I'll get over it in 18 months (wow, that is super short.... weird). Plus, my companion goes home on Thursday, so that's even weirder! My new companions name is Elder Allen, He is in my Zone, so I saw him every other transfer. I'm pretty excited! It'll be super good!
So, the lady I talked about last week was baptized, and it was super awesome! The spirit was so strong, and she was so happy. She just beamed afterwards! 
As for the people we are teaching, we still have had no contact with D, despite the many things we have tried. L and S were at church, and Lance is doing so good! he is just super happy, and I'm actually really glad i get to stick around a bit longer to see him continue on this path! We didn't get to meet with the L's this week, but we are planning for it this week. J also cancelled, her son sprained his back on the trampoline. We met with a guy named G who is super awesome!  He meets with the JW's, but he doesn't like the things they teach. He wants to be a part of a religion that he "actually has a chance of getting to heaven", and so far he has really enjoyed meeting with us! He is super funny, and when we came over for our first appointment he had already looked up our beliefs and he had a lot of questions, but we were able to answer them and he thought it was really cool! We've done a lot of Family History with guys around the area, so i'm becoming a pro..... sort of....

Other than that, I can't think of much else to report on, and I'm out of time! Love you guys!

Elder Carter

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