Monday, September 21, 2015

September 14, 2015 Painting, more Painting, and my new nick-name

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(For those of you wondering, they stole my camera. That;'s Luke.  He's one of the whitehawks haha I would put him at the end, but I don't know how to move him now that he is there, and I don't feel like trying to upload him again)

Howdy yall! (thought I would switch things up this week)

This week was great, and we had some great service opportunities!  Friday morning we helped a lady on the Rez paint her basement bathroom, and when we were done it looked much better.  Before we started, it was a mess.  As we rolled over some sections of the wall, parts of the wall stuck to the roller.  It was a mess, but as we cleaned it up more, it really made a great improvement. Saturday morning, about 9, we went to Sister Kendricks home, an older lady member who needed her house painted.  Bro. H brought his commercial spray painter doo-hicky, President M brought his wife and kids, and Bro. T. brought his happy self!  We prepped the house by scraping away the flaking paint (last year Gordon got hit by a bad hail storm, and the damage is finally almost repaired.  It took some good sized chunks out of her paint.), than President looks at me and says "Elder, you ready?"  I look at him, look at the sprayer, looked back at his smiling face, and accepted the challenge!  If you have never had a chance to use one of those commercial paint sprayers, I would strongly encourage you to do so if the opportunity arises.  First, it beats rolling and brushing by a long shot!  Second, it's just fun.  Not sure why it's fun, but it is.  I painted half her house cause no one else wanted to do it.  I finally conned my comp into it, but he didn't enjoy it like I did, but we had some of the other kids use it haha!  While they were doing that, I got to go on the roof and start prepping the attic window for painting, which was an adventure since the roof was steep-ish.  Once I got on, I was much more comfortable, but I'm not too used to walking on roofs yet.  

We saw the Whitehawk kids on Thursday.  They were super excited when I gave them the CTR rings, partially because it was similar to the ring I have!  We taught them a little bit of ASL, but most of our ASL time was spent finding out what Mayla knew.  Then, we went outside and played some duck-duck-goose, and then they kids wanted to show me their moves on the trampoline!  Any time I would look away, even for a few seconds, the kids would yell "Mormon! Mormon look!  Mormon, watch me!"  Now, I don't know about you guys, but to be nick named after such a man as Mormon is quite the honor hahaha!

Other than that, we get to go down to Ashby to do some branding at the Mckimmeys farm!  We called President Hess to make sure that was alright, and he got all excited about it.  (to the Editor: You might want to take this next part out.  But that is all up to you.)  He told us to make sure we are safe and that we don't get castrated by accident, and if we can we should take home some of the oysters (we laughed pretty hard when he hung up).  I love that man!  We are so blessed to have him as our Mission President!  He and his wife just radiate love.  It's so hard to not smile around them.

Well, that's all folks!

This is Mayla and Luke.

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