Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12, 2015 11 months and I get to go to Bismark for MLC and the Temple!!!

Well, to start off, S is officially tobacco free!  We finished the program this week!  And, to make things better, S is marrying D on the 24th!  We're so excited!  They are taking the leap of faith and doing what God wants them to do.  They told us how great it feels to finally, after a long time, be doing what they know God wants them to do.

So!  To explain the subject.  I got a call last week right when I finished emailing.  It was from the AP's, and I was wondering why they were calling.  After we chatted for a bit, they told me that MLC (Mission Leadership Council, which is when the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders go to Bismark for a training by the Mission Pres.) was happening this week and that they wanted me to come to it!  Crazy thing is... I'm not in a leadership position.  Everyone tells me that it is a sign, but I don't want to accept it haha!  But!  I leave tonight, drive to Rapid, stay the night, drive up the next morning (and I hopefully get to go through the Temple with Bro. N from Valley City who will be receiving his endowment that day!!  Super awesome!) go to the Temple, then spend the night in Bismark, then drive back to Rapid, stay the next day in Rapid, have another ZTM there, then go back to Gordon with Elder Wright (I get to go on exchanges with my trainer!  he's a ZL here!  It'll be way too much fun haha!).  It'll be a crazy awesome week!

Tuesday we traveled down to Ashby to teach one of Pres. McKimmey's friends who is interrested in the church.  It was great!  K and his wife M are great people!  I loved getting to know them a little bit.  He already knows a lot about the church since his mom is a member, and he told us that he has talked to many missionaries, but at the time it didn't really apply to him (and we took that to mean "but now it does").  We're hoping we get to see him again soon!

We saw the Whitehawk kids, although not all of them could be there, but it was still good.  I taught Mayla how to pray this time!  She was super shy about it, but eventually, with some prodding, she said she would.  She has learned so darn fast!  It's hard to sign with her though, cause her attention span is next to nothing haha! But, that is how it goes.

Honestly, that's about all that happened this week.  We did some tracting but no one was home.  Literally. Love you all loads!  thanks for all your love and support!

Elder Carter V

3)This is our jeep.  I realized I forgot to send this forever ago
I figured I should send these before I forget

1) Guess what these are?  You guessed it.  Rocky mountain oysters.  Yummy!!  

2)Me and good ole Mason, the Hendrix's English Mastif.  He thinks he's a lap dog, but even his head is too big to fit ins someones lap.

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