Monday, October 5, 2015

September 28th

This is me and Emily at the church before her baptism!
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The baptism was a Success!  It was great, and Emily was super excited!  A good portion of her family came, and we got to meet her aunt for the first time, as well as her grandpa! 

Well, update on Mayla.  This last time we were there, after we had our lesson, she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me around the house pointing to things than showing me the sign!  she has learned a ton since last time we were there!!!  I was able to sign with her for a bit, than I realized just how rusty I am!  The other kids are doing good as ever.  Love going over.  Everytime.

On Friday we went to see J and his family, but J wasn't there, so we waited with E, C (one of J sons) and T(her other son).  Than, when it was close to time for us to leave, we decided to share a message about general conference with them!  They didn't really seem to care much, but we did it anyways.  Here's hoping they watch!

Honestly, that's about all the exciting things that happened.  We saw some people, didn't get to see others, and spent a whole lot of time in the car driving from place to place.  Sorry this email is skimpy!  Hopefully there is more to report next week!

Love you all very much!

Elder Carter V

This is me shaking the hand of Elder Renlund of the 70.  Great man!

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