Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 31, 2016 Octoberween.

Well, I have no idea what to say this week.  H dropped us (said that she's just happy where she's at) and C dropped us (she forgot the feelings she had and said that religion just isn't for her) and we haven't been able to meet with any of the other people we've been trying to.  We did a lot of walking cause it's the end of the month and we wanted to be sure we had miles, and we got fed real good this week!  We had some great experiences at members houses, and it was great to be in their homes.  We really do have some just wonderful people out here.  Other than that, it was almost literally a week of tracting, trying to find people on the ward list or who have said we could come back and teach them, and that's about it.  So, we had a week full of the normal work, and not much else.
We did decorate our trunk for the Trunk or Treat!  Had some people that just walked into the parking lot for free candy walk by our car and ask "who are you supposed to be?  Mormons?"  I laughed and said "as a matter of fact, yes!  But we are actually the Mormon Missionaries."  We laughed together, then they left haha!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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