Saturday, January 17, 2015


Week 6!!!!!

So, the function of my new ward isn't too shabby. We're pretty small, but we keep up, from what I know. All of the classes are small, but I think we have someone in every class. I may be wrong, but I think the High Priests meet with the Elders quorum.... Don't quote me on that. My Bishop, Bishop Garr, is awesome. He does a fantastic job. The ward mission leader is amazing!!!! His only problem is he works at the ER in Fargo and works mostly night shifts, so he's never awake during the day... We've taken him to a couple lessons though, and they went STUPENDOUS! He knows so very much, but he knows how to share what he knows in a way that everyone will understand. He's funny too haha. We do not have ipads, but man would it be nice if we did! We could just show people videos left and right! Every week we get an hour of media time. We get to go to the library and watch talks or read them or whatever we want on or It's way nice because you can use those things in other lessons. Once every 2 weeks we get an extra hour to do family history work, which is pretty cool. I would like it better if there was someone who knew what they were doing who could help me haha!
Well, this week was pretty nice weather wise, it stayed in the 20's until Friday it all the sudden dropped to -7, plus a wind chill, and Saturday the wind chill was down to -35, and Sunday bounced between -30 and -50 just depending on how hard the wind was blowing... It was insanely cold, and we couldn't go outside unless we had an appointment. Thank goodness we did for most of the day...
Update on A! She is getting baptized this Friday by her Husband!!! We are super excited, cause this is the first step for them to have an eternal family!!!! S, her husband, started having heart attack symptoms, went to the ER, and found out he had an artery that was spasming, and had they not come when they did, he would have died that night. Keep them in your prayers!
J came to church yesterday and our lesson in Priesthood was all about the importance of Prophets. Revelation through church attendance? I think so. He's still doing pretty good, just struggles with why we need to keep certain commandments and how we know they are commanded from God and not man. 
MG, an older woman we were helping quit smoking, came to church too, and she actually bore her testimony!!! It was awesome! But, at the same time, we all had a pretty good laugh... She likes to tell stories about how God has helped her in her life, which is awesome! But, in most of them, she ends up screaming "HELP ME JESUS!!!" So, as she was walking up to the pulpit, E. Wright leans over and says "You don't think she's gonna yell Jesus do you?" And low and behold, she did. Everyone was awake afterwards though!! And it was a great testimony and the spirit was strong there. She is a wonderful lady!!
Jm: we haven't been able to get a hold of till about an hour ago. He was at the library and we talked to him for a bit. He was smiling and happy the whole time. He told us that he decided to change his life, to become happier and to help others be happier. He said he is done moping around. He is so awesome! He has a nice smile too! it's amazing how just a few plain and precious truths that were lost and now have been revealed through modern prophets can change someones life so completely. He decided he would come to church with us next week, and I think he is going to love it!
K and D are the same. We took the Ward mission leader, Bro. Kauffmen, to their lesson. That man knows so much! and he knows how to share it too! that lesson was the best we've ever had with them!
J M just back from vacation and we meet with her tomorrow, so we'll see how she's doing.
Well, I can honestly say that I am ready for spring. It's way too cold and no one is out on the streets, and they just want to close their doors even faster than usual. but hey! They say that the sun rises about 5 and sets about 9, so there is tons of day light all summer!!!! I'm super excited for that!
Well, we went tracting in an apartment complex and only 2 doors were answered. And we got 2 return appointments. One of them knew one of the members, and the other said he was a former Lutheran, but now he's atheist and not really interested in religion. We told him our message is very unique, that God hasn't ceased to speak to men today, and as we kept talking he started to get really interested. Come to find out, his girlfriends mom is LDS, but she's never tried to talk to him about it, and he said he respected that because so many people try to force their religion on you. it was a good contact! We're stopping by tomorrow to follow up and teach him about the Restoration.
Man, time flies. I gotta go! Thank you all for your letters and cards and all your love!

Elder Carter V

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