Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 17, 2015 Never a dull moment... Unless you are driving hundreds of miles... Daily.

Hello everyone!

This week has been crazy....  First, we needed to change the oil in our car, but we had to drive to Rapid City (which is about 120 miles away) in 2 days so we can't wait till Rapid, but we can't get the oil changed in our town so we have to go to Chadron which is where we have district meeting, but we didn't have DM this week since we were going to Rapid, so we had to drive 45 miles out of the way to get our oil changed, found out our oil pan is leaking because they put a faulty gasket in it the last time they had it replaced, so we went to the dealership to get it fixed, and the closest part is in El Paso, Texas, and who knows if they are willing to sell it to us, and all the manufacturers are backed up for that part since, for some reason, everyone in the U.S. needs that part right now, so we had quite the exciting week!  I swear, I've been on the phone all week.  We also found out that there is some stuff that belongs to the Mission that is in the church shed and we need to get that moved, but no body knows what is ours and what isn't, so we have to figure all that out and let the mission office know and than see what we need to do with it then, so yeah!!  It's been a crazy week!  I feel bad for my greeny.  He hasn't tasted real missionary work yet.  He's been stuck with a ton of driving and phone calls and figuring out the darn paper work!!  

On a much happier note, we had a great week teaching the 9 year olds!  D(the super shy one) talked to us and made eye contact multiple times as we taught the Plan of Salvation, which he and his grandma had been wondering what happens to people after they die since they have had many deaths in the family.  We taught E, which is interesting since she doesn't remember anything that the past missionaries taught, but that's okay cause we don't have to worry about what she has been taught, we just get to start over.  

Than we went to the Whitehawks on Thursday, but they were busy so we left a short message than came back the next day to teach them.  Genio wan't there but Mayla was, so we were gonna teach her the Plan of Salvation, than a bunch of the other grand kids wanted to sit in on the lesson, which is about 5 other kids. 2 of the grandkids were Tyler, who is 11, and Chloe, who is 13.  As we taught they would ask questions, and they asked a ton of questions.  It was like rapid fire just endless streams of questions from her and Tyler!  As we answered their questions, more would come up.  After asking a lot of questions concerning what happens after this life, Tyler asked "What if you are afraid of dying?"  I sat there for a little bit, not really knowing what to say, than the answer came.  "As you come to know that what we just taught you is true, that fear will leave."  He than looks at me and says "That's what I thought, cause now that you told me this, I'm not afraid to die any more."  Than, after we talked to them about Baptism and ow we must be baptised in order to go to the Celestial Kingdom, they asked "what about babies?  What if they die before they are baptized?"  We explained that because of Jesus Christ, children are made perfect in Him, they are taken straight to Heaven, because children cannot sin. They haven't learned right from wrong yet.  If God sent Children to Hell because they died before they could be baptized, He would be a partial God, and we would have no one to put our faith in.  But, He is not a partial God, he is a just God, and we can put full trust and faith in Him, knowing that he will judge us justly at the last day.  Once we told them this, Tyler asked "Can I be baptized?"  Of course, we said yes!  He asked what he has to do to be baptized and we told him that we have certain things to teach him before than so that he understands just how important it is to be baptized, and that when he is, he is making promises with God. Than we realized it was 9 and we still had a 40 minute drive back to the apartment, so we needed to jet, but we told them we would be back next week.  As we were leaving, a bunch of the younger kids dragged Chloe up to us and yelled "She has a question!!"  Chloe than asked us the same question as Tyler.  And we gave the same answer, and told her we wished we could stay longer, but we needed to follow the rules and get home.  It was a super exciting experience for us!  We loved to be with those kids, and the Spirit was so strong as they listened to how what we taught brought peace as we answered their questions!

And that is all that I have to say for this week.  Thank you all for your prayers and for your love!  I love and miss you all! 

Elder Carter V

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