Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 Yeah for finding people!

Well, to answer some questions, our garden is doing great!  We have a huge pumpkin in it, and we have harvested about 8 zucchini, and 2 1/2 walmart bags of Lemon Cucumbers. (anyone else heard of those?  I hadn't till he picked them!)  We have some watermelon about the size of my head, and we have a ton of tomatoes, but hardly any have turned red yet.  So, not too shabby!  We haven't had any more real contact with Lisa, but we have been on the Reservation all week, and we will be there this weekend too.  We had to switch some things up, as far as weekends here. 

This week we went through the Branch list to see some of the other members that we haven't met yet, and we were able to meet 2 other families!  They were super nice, and we had some good conversations with them!  One was L (different one haha) and the other was J.  We were told to come visit them again sometime, so we're totally going back this week!  

We visited B, one of the people during the Pow-wow that called to us and talked with us for a bit.  He's a sweet guy, and so is his family!  It was good to get to know them a little bit.  They absolutely love the pictures we showed them!  They keep asking us to bring more to show.  We're running out fast!

We got to see M this week!  It's been a couple weeks since we've seen her!  We just couldn't get in contact with her.  But we did, and hopefully she can start coming to church soon! 

The Whitehawk kids are doing great as usual.  We decided we would listen to everyone's advice to use the childrens songbook, and they loved it.  They stayed focused longer and learned a lot!  And, this week 4 of them got to come to church!  Miah and Luke were baptized before I got here, and Genio and Mayla came this week!  They are sweet kids.  We keep hoping that there will be a way to get the rest of the kids there, but they are pretty short on seats in the car.  

We were able to go to Rushville this week and meet with some of the members up there.  Than we went to Hay Springs and visited a man named J.  Now for the fun part!  Last week, we were at the jail and while we waited to be let in to see G there was a young man, probably about our age, standing their waiting, so we started talking to him.  As we talked, he told us he is planning on being a minister, that he had read some of the BoM and loves what he has read so far, that he is reading some of the Apocrypha, and so on.  As we talked, the door opened and we had to rush in, but we handed him our card and told him to give us a call.  Now, when we knocked on J's door, guess who answered?  The guy from the jail!  He looked surprised, and I'm sure we did too, so we chatted for a bit, than he went and got J, and we were invited in for dinner with the family!  We were able to get to know the whole family, and C is J's nephew.  They are a sweet family, and when we finished up dinner, we realized that we were late for getting pack to P-Ridge before our car turned into a pumpkin, so we had to jet.  We originally weren't planning on going to see J, cause we had other plans, but we decided to go see him, and obviously, it wasn't our thoughts, but the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  I loved chatting with them and getting to know them a little bit, and when C showed us where he was in the BoM, J (who hasn't been to church in many years) says "now, THAT is a great book."  What an experience!

Well, that's all folks!  Love you all!

Elder Carter V

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