Monday, August 31, 2015

August 25, 2015 Mt. Rushmore!!!

To answer some questions, the Whitehawk kids are mostly 9 year olds and younger that sat in on the lesson, just the 2 that were 11 and 13.  L couldn't come to Meet the Mormons, her nephew was having a B-day party at the bowling alley.  But, we had a good turn out of members there and I think that was important!  They all said they loved it, and I'm hoping it rekindles the fire of the gospel in their lives!

So, this has been a good week all except for Wednesday (I was sick).  After that it was great though!  We met another 9 year old Whitehawk grandchild who also wants to be baptized! I've wrote her name down, but I can't remember it right now...  There are a ton of kids there!

Other than that, we prepared for the Meet the Mormons showing, than on Saturday we helped out with the baptism of our Branch Presidents daughter (I got volunteered to tickle the ivories about 20 minutes before it started), which was great!  There were probably around 30 people there, and about 20 weren't members. Than we went home to eat than prepare more for Meet the Mormons.

The reason I didn't email yesterday is because we had a Specialized Training meeting in Rapid City, so our P-day was moved to today.  It was, as usual, amazing.  I loved it.  President and Sister Hess as well as the Assistants gave trainings, and than afterwards we had interviews.  I got to talk with Sister Hess for a while.  she is a wonderful lady.  She just radiates love and happiness.  My interview was great, and President Hess also radiates love and happiness.  I absolutely love that man and his wife.  We carpooled with our district leader and his comp, and when Elder Wilson (the DL) went in for his interview, he was probably in there for about 2 minutes than came out and said "Elders, we're going to Rushmore!"  Which we got all excited about, but turnes out he asked President if we could go to Mt. Rushmore next time we are in Rapid, and he looked at his watch and said "Elder, go now!  We don't want you to miss that opportunity.  This is a unique experience!"  So, even though it wasn't P-day, we got to go see Mt. Rushmore!  We were so pumped, and it is a beautiful drive the whole way there.  Rapid City is one nice place!  

That's about all that's happened this week.  Love you all!

Elder Carter V

Hope you like the pics
The second picture is from Left to Right Elder Peay (my trainee), Me, Elder Lindeman, and Elder Wilson.
Hope you liked our attempt at looking like Mt. Rushmoore!  It was worth a shot, yeah?
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