Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 7, 2015 1 comp down, 1 to go!

Well!  This is my grown up Christmas list.  First, I want lots and lots of prayers for the people in Poplar suffering from addictions that have cost them homes, families, friends, etc.  They need it.  Second, I would love a copy of the "Life of Jesus Christ" DVD's.  Their the videos.  Third, I would like a talk by John Bytheway called "Jesus Knows I'm a Christian" or any of his other ones that look good (except for "Righteous Warriors") and any Curtis Jacobs talks you feel like getting me (except for "How to be Chaste While Being Chased."  I already have that one haha). These guys are dang good, but I know they are expensive, so don't feel obligated.  I'm very happy just getting a letter or card or candy or something.  I'm pretty easily pleased, as you all may know haha.  Last, but not least, if you know what "shirt stays" are, I would love a pair.  Elder Payne has some and they are the coolest thing since extendable back scratchers.  They are suspenders, but they attach to your socks and the tails of your shirt.  Keeps you socks up and your shirt tucked in!  You can find them at a military store I think?  The ones with the clamps are the best.  The ones with the rubber slips are a pain...  But again, if I don't get them, I won't cry... For too long.
On to transfers!  Elder Larsen just couldn't take it anymore!  He needed to get out of this trio!  (Just kidding, he's gonna miss it like crazy, and he knows it!).  Elder Payne and I will be staying, Elder Larsen will be going to Valley City (when I heard that I screamed!  I've been telling him all kinds of fun stories from that place!) and we will be getting another trio coming in to cover the other half of Poplar, so there will be 5 missionaries in Poplar.  Crazy!
This week we stopped in at V's house, but someone saw us coming, rushed inside, then a second later someone came to a window while we were coming in the driveway and told us they weren't interrested and to go away.  Maybe we'll see her again somewhere else.  We did see K.  She is in a rough spot.  That's about all I can say.  We showed her the video "A Hope of God's Light" (best Mormon Message ever!  So good!  if you haven't seen it, do it!) and it seemed to strike a chord with her.  We don't really know what we can do for her except be there for her as she goes through her trials.  Didn't get to see J this week or the Crawfords and we have been in Plentywood since Friday so we didn't get a chance to go to the Jail again.
So, D is not a member but she wants to be baptized, and I didn't get to see her this week but Elder Payne did while we were on Splits with Bro. Shanks.  It sounded like a quick just check up on her and leave a spiritual thought than they had to leave.
Nothing makes your week go better than watching the Christmas devotional and seeing your beautiful mother singing her heart out!  Loved it!
Honestly, that is about all that's happened.  We had ZTM on Friday which was a blast!  Nothing really got done in Plentywood due to Stake Conference, which we watched all 3 sessions over the internet, so yeah.  We spent a lot of time inside.  A lot of time.
Love you all dearly, hope all is well, and hope you all have a Merry Christmas season in remembrance of the first gift of Christmas. 
Elder Carter V
1-2)  Me walking to Canada!  I'm done with the U.S.!!  Just kidding, I love the U.S.  But seriously.  That is Canada right over my shoulder.

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