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October 26, 2015 The sweet and the bitter.

I'll start with the bitter.... but it is also sweet.... but bitter.  Kinda like an egg. (if any of you get that joke, you are a winner in my book.  Those of you who don't, no worries.  It was a huge stretch)  I am being transferred to Poplar, Montana, which is close to the farthest north you can go in the mission!  To add to the new experiences, I will be training again, I will be the District leader, and (drum role please......) I will be White Washing the area!  (white washing is missionary lingo for having 2 new missionaries in the area rather than one that knows the area)  So, it'll be a challenge for sure, but it sounds like the area is doing good, so hopefully it won't be too rough.  Prayers would be great!

Now!  For the exciting part!  This Saturday we had a wedding!  S and D got married!  They are seeing the blessings of keeping the commandments, and you can see it in their faces. S has stopped smoking, they are married, and they haven't missed a Sunday since we had that little pep talk.  What a great way to leave the area!!  I loved it.  I'm gonna miss them dearly.

Thursday we went on exchanges (again!  talk about low on miles for the month!) with the Alliance Elders, this time I went down to Alliance with Elder Wilson, and Elder Peay did a bang up job taking over in Pine Ridge!  We had fun down in Alliance, but nothing really happened except we were wet most of the time cause it rained all day.  Once we started getting dry, we were going back out into the rain.  It was fun though!

This Sunday, President McKimmey said he could come out with us to visit people after church, so after everyone left, we hopped in his car and started visiting.  We were about to visit 6 families!  First, I want to say that this man is the prime example (other than the Man Himself) of Christlike love.  Every family, every person, you could just see how much he loved them, and some of them he hadn't eve met.  I laughed more yesterday than I have probably my whole mission!  The Dreamers, (they are from New Zealand, so I could listen to Sister Dreamer talk all day long with that accent) have 5 kids I think, but only 3 were there when we were.  The 3 were B, P (she's 13 I think, but she is almost as tall as I am.)  and G, who is in 6th grade (however old that is), and they had a few friends over too.  We laughed so hard the whole 45 minutes we were there!  I'm sure we all had abs of steel by the end.  At one point, they were asking about transfers, and we told them that we don't know what will happen if anything will, than, G asked who the new missionary would be, so I said "He's a tall hunk of a man from Australia."  She spins around to her mom and says "Hey!!!  We could be from the same family!"  We all burst out laughing again and she was very confused, so once her mom composed herself, she reminded her that we didn't know what would happen, that I was yanking her chain.  She gave me a half hearted glare, but laughed soon after!  

Well, that's about all there is to report this week.  Hope all is well back home!

Elder Carter V

1) My district!!  From left to right: Elders Wilson, Peay, Lindeman, Egan, Sister Egan, Paniagua, and Pohl.

 2) The happy couple!!!  Scott and Donna Wallingford!!!  Love these two!

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