First!  Let's start with all the changes!  I'm absolutely loving my new area here in Poplar I am actually on another reservation!  I went from one extreme to another!  So, Pine Ridge Reservation reminds me of a 3rd world country.  Poplar (It's on the Fort Peck Reservation) is more like a super run down town.  You actually feel like you are in the U.S., but it looks like no one should be living here.  It's pretty crazy!!  So, according to all the records, Poplar has under 1,000 people living here.  That is a lie.  There are like 3,000 people here.  No idea why no one knows that.  it might have something to do with the whole reservation thing, but I don't know.  We cover a little past Brockton and halfway to Wolf Point, and up close to Plentywood, and not much farther south than Poplar.  I was only supposed to have 1 new companion, but not anymore!  The reason is (story time), first off, there are 2 sets of missionaries in Poplar.  Monday, Elder Larsen and Samplina were walking down a street at night, and Elder Samplina got hit by a car.  It dislocated his ankle and broke his tibia, so he was sent home after being life flighted to Billings, and we got Elder Larsen!!  Elder Payne is from Preston, Idaho (he knows Elder Wilde!  That's too funny!), he is 18.  Elder Larsen is from River Side, California, and he is also 18.  I'm in a trio with (get this) 2 other drummers, but to make things even more fun, we all put special emphasis on Tenor drums in the drum line.  I don't know who's idea it was to put us together, but they either have some great plan in store, or they had no idea what they were doing, cause this will either be a super stinking awesome companionship or we aren't going to get anything productive done.  There is no middle ground.  But!  We've all made the goal to make it productive, so It'll be productive!! 

My new address is P.O. Box 305 Poplar, Montana, 59255.

 Church yesterday was good!  We have a small but strong Branch.  There are about 30 people on average I am told.  The church is in Poplar on the East end of town.

Well, as far as white washing goes, it's super hard.  First, the Elders before us left a note.  It was about as vague as it comes.  We weren't too happy about that.  One of the nice things, is that one of the old Elders here is our Zone Leader, so we can call him with questions when we need to.  We have what's called "The Area Book" which has records of the people who have been taught by past missionaries and what they have been taught, and that book has saved us already a few times!

Well, as for training, I'm not going to be teaching Elder Payne much.  He already knows everything.  This guy is a super good teacher, he knows his stuff, and man does he love everyone!  It'll be a super interesting experience for me, trying to teach a missionary that already knows as much as I do haha!  He really is a stupendous missionary. 

So, the responsibilities of a District Leader are.... Well.... I'm not really sure...  I have a District meeting every Friday that I prepare a training for, the missionaries in my district come to me to ask questions, they report to me how their areas are doing, and that's about all I know so far.  They changed a lot of stuff when I was called as district leader, so I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing.  I may be getting filled in soon ish, but the problem is that everyone else who has been a district leader has had different responsibilities than I do now.  So!  In other words, I am now flying by the seat of my pants (any one know why we say that?  I sure don't.  I would love to find out.)

AH!  I'm already out of time!  Love you all dearly!  My commitment to all of you is to make the choice every day to be happy.  It is a choice, not a circumstance you are placed in.

With appropriate affection (hehe)
Elder Carter V

Me and my new comps!  Elder Payne (Middle) and Elder Larsen (right)
More pics
1)This is Johnny's family!  From Left: Christ (Janices son) Me, Johnny, Janice.  Love them, and will miss them so much!

 2)Transfer Train!!  Woohoo!