Wednesday, January 13, 2016

November 9, 2015 Real food and my year mark on Thursday! Not that I'm counting... That's moms job

To answer your questions, only one of my comps is green.  Elder Larsen has been out for 3 months.  As for our tri-companionship (however you would say that) Elder Larsen will be getting a new companion within the month than we will go back to splitting Poplar down the center.

As for the teaching here, this last week has been more of finding out what we are doing in the area, how we are going to balance both areas, than we found out that we cover the Plentywood branch too, which is 1 1/2 hours away.  We have tried to visit a lot of people and it hasn't happened.  Many aren't home or are busy, don't keep appointments, etc. etc. etc. The Branch members are awesome and so ready to help us out when we need it.

Last night we had an adventure!  So, we have very few miles this month, to the point where we need to walk or ride our bikes at all times so that we can stay within our mileage limitations.  So we decided that we would do as much work as we could in the day time before it gets dark (which is already before 6....) so that we don't have to worry about having a recap of what happened to Elder Samplina and so that the feral dogs don't eat us when they all turn evil once the sun goes down.  So, we took a very quick lunch break and decided to use the rest for dinner so that we could cook a proper meal.  And boy, did we do that!  Elder Payne cooked some Drumsticks for us (too funny for us 3 haha!!) while I made mashed potatoes (shout out to my parents for teaching me how to do that from the potato itself!  they were pretty tasty, if I may say so myself) and E. Larsen made some veggies.  It was a meal of kings!  For the first time, we had some really good food since we had the time to cook it haha!  

Honestly?  That's about all that happened this week that I have to report.  The rest of the week was trying to talk to people who weren't home or were busy.  

Love you all!  Keep up the great work you are doing back home! 

Elder Carter V

1)While digging through cupboards I found this.  It made me happy.  Good ole Brer Rabbit and his edible "tar".  I found that appropriate.

2)Walk into a gas station and see this loverly present someone left for them to clean up.  Gotta love that, eh?

3) i don't remember if I sent this before, but it is called "Oreo Tacos".  First off, if you like your arteries, do not eat this!  You take an uncooked tortilla, you lay that in sugar and pat the sugar into it, than you cook that tortilla on a low heat till the sugar caramelizes, than you take it out (quickly before it cools off!) put as much whipped cream as you want in the center of the taco, than sprinkle crushed Oreos on top.  It is to die for.

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