Sunday, April 3, 2016

February 16, 2016 A New Apartment and Another Temple Trip

As the first order of business, we will be moving into a new apartment this week, so don't send anything till I get you my new address.  We're pretty excited, but I am not looking forward to packing everything again... plus some.  Just pray that it doesn't rain or snow!

This week hasn't been full of many exciting things, but I did have some stuff happen!  For the past few weeks we have been helping M, a recent convert, do his family history so that he can take those names to the temple.  We were able to find over 30 names for him to take!  What a blessing!  We went of Friday and were able to get all of them done.  He was so happy and excited!  We were at the temple with 4 other Elders.  The assistants were there because they had a baptism recently and were going to do baptisms with her for the first time!  Her name is Es.   She is super awesome.  She is from Liberia and is just full of faith.  It's awesome to see!  We had a great time at the Temple with them.

Wednesday we had lunch at a members house in the 1st ward (we are in the 2nd ward) because they had a Stake Youth activity that weekend that they wanted us to help out with, so she was telling us what she wanted us to do for it.  Her name was Sister Osmond (and I am told that she is a relative to the Osmond family, but I didn't get a chance to ask her.) and she is super nice!  So, on Saturday we got to help out!  It was fun to be around the youth again.  I forgot what it was like to be with the youth again.  Weird!

We started teaching the A Family, a family that recently moved from the 1st ward to the 2nd ward, and now we get to see them!  Both parents are less active, but they want their daughter L to be baptized when she turns 8, so they asked us to come teach her.  It's been fun to talk with the family!  They are just as nice as can be, and L is super smart.  Way smart.  She soaks it all up really fast, and the parents are learning a lot too, which is great since they have forgotten a lot of stuff over the years.

We are also teaching a Native couple, M&M.  M is a member who hasn't come in a while, and M is her husband who isn't a member (yet).  Since I have been here it's been hard to get in with them.  But one day they kept their appointment and they opened up to us in it.  They full on told us that they had been dodging us because they had fallen back into bad habits, but they realized that wasn't the right thing to do, so they kept the appointment and said that they want to "get back on the road".  M so badly wants to be baptized and M wants to come back to church and eventually be sealed in the temple, but something always comes up.  Every time we make plans to get them to church they either can't get back into town or had to leave town or are sick, etc. etc. etc.  But they show a whole lot of desire to change and to start doing what they know they should be doing.

That's all for today folks!  I love you, I miss you, and I hope and pray that all is well.  

Elder Carter

1) We went to a river boat and took some pictures.  

2) This is a monument to the Thunder Bird!  From Left to right: Elders Peterson, me, Griffith, Abarca, Riding, Cowley.

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