Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pure hearts in a pure home are always in whispering distance of heavan

This week has been.... Interesting. I've had many doors slammed in my face, many people that just flat out walk up to the door and never open it, and I've been told that what I believe is a whole lot of bull. It's been a trying week. I will never understand the people that tell me that what I believe is a bunch of garbage when they don't even know what I believe. I can tell you this much, that if you took a Trigonometry class before you had basic math, you would probably throw your arms up and say "This is stupid! How can anybody even listen to this garbage?!" Elder Wright said something that I thought was interesting. In a lesson where a guy wanted us to "Prove that the BoM was true" he responded with "Lets switch the burden of proof for a second. Prove to me that the BoM is not true." And, he couldn't. "When men are learned, they think they are wise." If we are to understand the things of God, we can't do so with the wisdom of men. All truth comes from God, and it is manifest to mankind by the Holy Spirit. "And by the power of the Holy Ghost, you may know the truth of ALL things." Not just some, not just most. All. A mission president (can't remember who....) serving in Canada was invited to a meeting with all the Ministers of other religions in the area for a Q&A about the Mormon church. It started good, than one man said "Brother [fill in the blank], if you lay the gold plates on the table here, I will believe you." His response was "Now, you and I both know, that that will never be enough." Signs, miracles, angelic manifestations, etc., do not convert. Without faith, those experiences will be justified and pushed aside. Laman and Lemuel saw many Angels, and they never changed.
Wow! That went on a lot longer than I thought! I guess that's my 2 cents for the day haha!
Well, J is back from New Orleans, and he loved it! He even went and took pictures of the Temple there! He was so pumped to meet with us again and to come to church! He is an awesome guy! While we were knocking doors this week, a guy pulled up on the other side of the street, waved at us to get our attention, and did the most epic reverse-U-turn-parellel-park I have ever seen!! He got out of the car, came up to us (in shorts and a T-shirt) and said "since you guys are in the business of asking questions, mind if I ask you a few?" Of course, we said yes, and we talked for a bit, than he invited us to go get some "coffee" (hehe) So, we went to the vault and talked with the guy. His name is L, and he pretty much bore his soul to us, than paused and said "Guys, I don't know why I just told you my whole life story. I'm catholic, and I could've just gone to my Priest and talked to him, but I just felt like I should talk to you about it. Something just drew me to you." Interesting, yeah?! I'm excited to see what happens with him! Other than that, we did a lot of finding. Tracting, talking to people, service, Etc. It was a pretty cold week for a while, but now it's starting to warm us a bit. I hear we only have a couple more months of Winter!!!! (Yeah, I said that right. Spring doesn't hit till about May/June.......) And since than we haven't been able to meet with anyone else. Oh, and we set up another appointment with C and her mom, and when we got to their apartment, there was a note on the door that said "Don't knock, don't call, and don't come back." That's pretty sad.
Anyways! On a lighter note, here is a quote that i found!
"Pure hearts in a pure home are always in whispering distance of heavan." - David O. Mckay
Love and miss you all!!
Elder Carter V

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