Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God's approval.

Yes, I did remember to set the clock forward! yay me! We almost didn't, but Bro. Nelson reminded us. As far as J goes, he does want to continue meeting with us, but he has trouble with the whole faith thing. One minute he talks about the amazing things that happened in the BoM and the Bible, and the next when we ask him if he believes the Bible and the BoM to be the word of God (after he just told us it is God's word) he says "well, I don't know. I wasn't there so I can't say whether it is or not." But, we think we figured out where he is struggling. We started asking him about Jesus Christ, and he said he hardly knows who he is.. Now, where we went wrong, I don't know, but somehow we glazed over who Christ is and he didn't pick any of it up. But, hopefully he will begin to progress once he gains that knowledge.
Health wise, I'm doing good. Trying to work out in the morning, but I don't know how much good it's doing, cause I really don't know what I'm doing. I bought a pull up bar, only to find that there is no door frame to put it on haha! But, it came with a poster with different work outs on it, so that helped a lot! I actually got sick 2 days ago, but I took mom's "miracle potion" and the next morning I was good to go! My companion and I have been buying much healthier food and we are much better at eating it before it goes bad. Anyone with easy (and quick) recipes, that would be awesome!
Being senior companion is kinda tough, just because I know the area better, and I am in charge of planning out most of the day, and rather than taking 15 minutes to plan at night, it takes us about 30 minutes if not more to plan for the next day. It also doesn't help that our teaching pool is shrinking. More and more people are moving or going on vacation, or saying they will be busy for the next month or so.
We did a whole lot of tracting again this week, but rather than freezing our behinds off, it felt soooooo good outside!! It was the kind of weather that i would walk down the river trail in (except it's about 25 Degrees colder than would have been comfortable to walk down the trail in back home haha!). People would leave their doors open long enough to talk with us for alittle bit rather than "It's cold outside *SLAM*". We have been showing people the video "Because of Him" which came out last year around Easter as a "get ready for Easter" message. The video is very powerful, and the spirit is so strong as you watch it. I dare you to post it on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or just show it to someone on your phone, cause it's only 3 minutes, and it's worth every second!
This week we are planning on branching out of Valley City! Our area border is about 2 hours North and South and 30 minutes West and East of VC, so we are gonna try some of the towns around the area, find those people that the Lord is preparing to receive Restored Gospel!!!
Quotes for the week!
"Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God's approval." - President Thomas S. Monson
"A God who makes no demands is the functional equivalent of a God who does not exist." - Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Justice is an essential attribute of god. We can have faith in God because he is perfectly trustworthy... We rely on the divine quality of justice for faith, confidence, and hope.
"But as a consequence of being perfectly just, there are some things God cannot do. He cannot be arbitrary in saving some and banishing others.  He 'cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.'" - Elder D. Todd Christofferson
"The spring‍ of the year is a most welcome season. It is then that all life seems to renew itself, when the promise of the future appears brightest and hope rises to its zenith. Indeed it is a time of reawakened courage and confidence." - Mark E. Petersen
Well, that's about my whole week! Hope yours is going awesome! Love and miss you all loads!
Elder Carter V

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