Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You've got to keep your eye on this one!

So, my new comp is awesome! He definitely has been out longer than me haha! He is a great missionary. It's kinda tough being Senior companion, especially since I'm not super confident in remembering things, but I'm learning, and it's helping me grow faster to fit the mold! So, the Senior companion is normally the one who has been in the area longest, since he is the one that takes the lead in planning out the day and the week. That way, he knows what is going on in the area, who is who, etc. Elder Edwards is from Arizona (poor guy is freezing to death!) he is a volley ball player, and pretty shy back home, but being on the mission kinda takes you out of that shell ( at least a little bit). 
So, the Mission President and his wife came to church with us this week! It was awesome! They are amazing people, and you can't help but be happy when they are around. Although, I felt bad for the Gospel principles teacher. He seemed a little intimidated by their presence (as I would have been too!!).  In sacrament meeting, E. Edwards spoke on making our will match the will of God, and it was super awesome! I wish I could have payed more attention to it, cause there was this little girl that kept coming back to me and sitting next to me and talking to me (she was maybe 5 years old).  Eventually her mom realized she was missing, saw her, and picked her up again, but the back row had a good laugh as she made her way back to me about 4 more times! When E. Edwards came back, Bro. C leaned over to him and said "it's about time you get back! This girl kept flirting with your companion! And I think he was encouraging her! You've got to keep your eye on this one!"
So, as far as talking about the people we teach, pretty much everyone was out of town or super busy this week, so we didn't get to meet with any of them. Plus, transfers take a lot of time out of the week. We did a lot of tracting and organizing the area. We mapped out a bunch of places, organized our records, all that jazz. It doesn't make you feel like you did much by the end of the week, but it definitely was important in helping this week be as productive as possible.
Yeah, transfers are weird. You don't get a lot done when they happen, so I don't really have a lot to say this week! But, next week will be full of goodies haha!

Elder Carter V

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