Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There aren't many things that are better than "goo"

Oh! sorry everyone.... there aren't many things that are better than "goo", yes, but what I really was saying was "good". People here do have an accent, but it's more like a Canadian accent, I think. They say "yet" at the end of every sentence, for example "We've got time, yet!" and "lets go play ball, yet". They say words with "a"s in them, such as "bag" or "cash" with an "ay" sound. that's a little confusing. A casserole is a "hot dish", and most "oh" sounds come out as "oo"s. 
Being senior companion means that you are in charge, so to speak. You take the lead in lessons and planning and comp study, all that jazz. The senior comp is really the leader, but they both need to be carrying the same weight. It went better than I thought it would!
Well, this week was definitely exciting! We went to knock on a potential investigators door, and he lived next to a bar. There were some drunk people outside, and as we passed we waved and were cordial, but didn't try to talk to them, cause they wouldn't have remembered a word in a few hours. One of the, who just so happened to be quite sober, saw us coming at first and said "Oh no! it's the FBI", we laughed and said "Nah, we're missionaries!" than he responded with "yeah, I've heard about that whole 'religion' cover" and we all laughed some more. As we passed by, he looked confused, than said " wait. You're not gonna try and save me?" so I responded with "Well, do you want us to?" and he laughed and waved us over! We had a good conversation with him, and it turns out that he wouldn't have listened to us had we been the ones to initiate the conversation. We talked for a long time (My hands went numb and I dropped the Book of Mormon I was holding. that was awkward.... No worries, I put them in my pocket after that) than he asked us if he could give us his number and if we could come talk to him! We were stoked! than we found out he lived outside of our area.... in a place called Mapleton (no, not by Springville). When he told us that, we looked at each other, kinda sad, than said "Well, we have another pair of missionaries in Fargo that we could send over" and he said "No! I want you two to teach me! Just any time you are going to Fargo, give me a call and we'll have dinner and you guys can teach me all about you 'Mormon's'" So, here's hopin'.... although, it won't last long since we do need to have the Fargo missionaries teach him. Don't know what he was doing at a bar in Valley City though....
So, Bro. N invited a friend over to have a lesson at his house. Over all, it went pretty well, but he had some.... interesting ideas about the world and what is happening in it. J is going crazy with her family history! She's gotten super far in it, and she's contacted tons of family and gotten tons of documents and pictures of gravestones! it's awesome to see her get so excited! Z got a job, and we haven't seen him since. He said that he has to work 21 days strait at his job for training, and he doesn't have a phone, so we just hope we run into him throughout the day. We didn't get to meet with a lot of people this week... Everyone was busy..... It's weird how they are all busy at the same time!!!
Alright! J quote of the week!
We invited him to teach Gospel Principles with Bro. C (He was stoked!) and as we were going over the lesson, which was the Fall of Adam and Eve, he looks at the picture of them in the garden and says "wait, is this an actual picture of Adam and Eve, or did someone paint that?" I love this man!!!! He can always put a smile on your face, and he probably doesn't even realize it!
That about sums it all up. Hope all is well back home!
Elder Carter V

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