Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April 18, 2016 The Nashville Tribute Band Concert!!!

This week was super awesome!

First, we taught the Andrew Family (the parents are less active members and L is 8 and wants to be baptized), and they came to church!!  It was so great to see them there.  We also taught a man named MCG, a less active member who has hit rock bottom and is committing us (my how the tables have turned) to help him get active again and get him back on the right path.  It was super cool to be with someone that is committing us to get them progressing in the right direction, rather than us trying to commit them to go in the right direction.  He also came to church with his daughter.  

Friday was probably one of the most memorable moments of my mission, but not for the usual reasons.  President Hess is one of the managers for the Nashville Tribute Band, so he arranged for them to come to Minot and do a performance of "The Redeemer" album.  President invited the whole mission to come, but only under these 3 conditions.  1, we had to be good and act appropriate. 2, we were not to be wearing our proselyting clothes or name tags.  3, we were not to proselyte.  It was a non-denominational concert, and if people walked in and saw 150 young adults all dressed up with name tags on from the same church, they would probably turn right around and leave.  It was to be a good experience for them and for us.  And it sure was!  I got to see Elder Payne and Elder Warren and Elder Paye and a ton of other missionaries!  It was a blast!  And, you know, the band is pretty good.  Okay, they are super good!  It was amazing!  I loved it!  

This lady showed us a video that we thought was hilarious!  It's called "Adelle - Hello (mormon parody).  It's super funny!  It's so true to.

My companion is getting transferred to be the next Assistant, and I will be getting a new companion!  His name is Elder Fillmore.  He is so funny!  I served around him in Rapid City.  I'm so excited!  Plus, Elder Riding is still in the same ward cause the AP's cover the northern half of Bismarck, so I'll be seeing him around. 

That's about it for this week.  Love you all!  

Elder Carter V

1)  This is me and Dan Truman, the Pianist for the Nashville Tribute Band.

2)  Me and Elder Riding with 2 of the other members of Nashville Tribute

3)  Good Ole Elder Warren!  What a stud!

4)  The band had all the missionaries come outside of the concert hall to say a prayer before the concert started so I grabbed a picture with Elder's Brinkerhoff, Masaccia, and Mellville.  These guys are a hoot!

5)  Waiting for the concert to start!  From left to right: Sister Elzinga (I don't think she knows she is in this picture), Elders Prescott, Wright (My mission dad!), Jolley, Riding, Me.

3)  Me, my dad, and my 2 sons.  Cute family photo, eh?

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