Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April 25, 2016 Transfers and Elder Fillmore

This week was transfers!  Elder Riding is now on the North end of Bismarck and I see him every couple of days, and my new companion is Elder Fillmore.  He is super funny!  We've had a blast so far!

We saw L and C again this week.  It was great!  We taught them about the Godhead, and it made a lot of sense to them.  As we explained prophets they got pretty excited that there was someone on the earth that talked with God and Jesus and could help to answer our questions.  They struggle to read the Book of Mormon due to it's old English, but they really want to read it.  But this week they are coming to the Book of Mormon study class that the Sisters put on.  Woot woot!

I got to drive the transfer van again.  It was fun, and we got Panda Express when we arrived so we were well pleased.  

The Andrew family came to church again this week, and L and C loved it!  It was so good! M has been busy this week, but we're hoping to see him soon.

Due to transfers, that is about all that I have done this week.  Lots of running errands and driving to Fargo and back haha!  

Love you all!

Elder Carter V

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