Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 16, 2016 My Spirit Animals

Craziest thing that we ate this week!  There is a Tongan member here, and while we were at his house, he said "hey!  Do you know what those war fish are?"  We were a bit confused, but we finally realized he was talking about a sword fish.  "Have you ever tasted it?"  "Nope".  "Do you want to?"  'Heck yeah!"  "Well good!  I've got some in the fridge."  Little did we know that it was raw, but that's just how you eat it I guess haha!  It didn't taste super good, but now I can say I've eaten sword fish.  Good ole NoDak strikes again with odd foods!!

For those of you who like country music, there is a guy named Brandon Heath that we are allowed to listen to.  I have his album, although I don't know what it's called... But it's super sweet!  The first song is called "The Harvester", and it just gets you pumped for missionary work!  The rest of his stuff is pretty darn good too.  And yes, I just said that I liked a country artist.  I like Tim Gates too, although I've only heard his "Nashville Tribute Band" stuff and his song "Bible and the Belt" from his days in Diamond Rio.  They performed it for us at the big concert a few weeks ago!  I've been converted, but only to the good stuff!

Alright!  On to the work!  Do y'all remember the Andrew family? Well!  Here's the update!  We taught L and her parents again this week, and at the end of the lesson L said she wants to be baptized, and her dad, who hasn't been active in the church since he was about 12, has been more excited about attending church too!  They came to church this Sunday and He said he wanted to talk to the Bishop about baptizing his daughter, so we were just stoked about it.  

While on splits one night my companions tracted into S and A.  They are in their mid 20's and were pretty interested in what we had to say.  We have met with them quite a few times since then and they have just been soaking everything up!  Funny thing is, they ask us questions that I have been asked many times by people trying to prove us wrong.  But, rather than asking questions with an agenda, they have been asking them with all honesty, wanting to know the answer, and when we give them the answer they accept it wholeheartedly.  They actually let us answer their question, rather than interrupting us with their own personal interpretation.  It is super interesting to me how 2 people can ask the same question, but the one who actually wants to know the answer will be able to see that it's true, while the other will trifle with your words and try to dissect everything you say so that it fits their own personal agenda.  Crazy the contrast there!

The Elders here have decided what my spirit animal is!  The only problem is, there is a division between them.  E. Polatis thinks it is a cow, and E. Riding thinks it's a cat.  Pretty different, so I'm not sure which is right or not haha!  They crack me up.

That's all she wrote folks!  Love you tons!

Elder Carter V

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