Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 30, 2016 The Kids and the Older Kids

Well, for the first time ever, this holiday will be spent as a P-day, due to transfers on Thursday.  We all know what Transfers means!  I get to drive to Fargo and back!  Only problem is.... I don't get to drive...  Lame!  Gotta love that!  3 hours 1-way without driving....  Woo....  And Elder Dewitt is getting transferred.  It's been a short but fun companionship.

This has been an eventful week!  A came to the Book of Mormon class and loved it!  Afterwards we gave her a tour of the church and walked her around the Temple, explaining it to her.  She thought it was super cool (who wouldn't haha!).  She is one of those people that just soaks everything up.  When we have our lessons with her and S, S will ask questions, A will be like "Yeah, that's a good question.  I didn't even think to ask that!"  Then we answer it, and immediately A accepts the answer, while S gives a bunch of "What if"s.  It's always a blast at their place!  A has a 3 year old daughter named J, who is just a hoot!  She likes to act like jungle animals, so while we're having a lesson she'll be crawling around the room, quietly growling like a tiger, then the next thing you know she pounces on you.  Never a dull moment!  And, to put the icing on the cake, all 3 of them came to the first 2 hours of church!  They really enjoyed it, although J didn't want to go to nursery, she wanted to go look at the baptismal font again.  But, her mom convinced her to go to the nursery.

Okay, I just want to say, children are the best.  If it weren't for kids, being a missionary would be pretty..... rough.  Adults see us and hide.  We're pretty scary, right?  But when kids see us, they kinda stare at first, then when we smile and wave at them, we become best friends!  Plus, they just love learning.  We knocked on this door and started talking to a mother of 5 kids.  She was nice, but obviously not interested, but we kept talking with her and found out she's a member, and then her 10 year old son, P, and daughter (i forgot her name) came out and talked to us for a second.  After a little bit, we realized we recognized him.  He rode by on his bike once and flagged us down, started talking to us, then left.  So Elder Fillmore looks at him and goes "wait a sec, we know you.  You talked to us on your bike the other day."  He looked at us like he'd just been caught, then said "uh.... nope!"  So we keep talking with his mom, but eventually he owned up to it.  What a punk haha!  So, as we were talking, P asks us what we are doing (cause he missed the whole missionary intro thingy), and we told him we are missionaries who go around helping people learn about God.  "How did you learn about God?"  he asks.  "Well, there are men called prophets.  They speak with Him and tell us what we need to know, especially about our relationship with him."  We kept talking about that for a bit, then talked about Jesus and showed him a picture (one of the ones that we used our top secret time machine to travel back and get a bust of him), and he said "wait, is that God?"  "No, this is His son, Jesus."  "But what does God look like?"  That's when I pulled out a picture of the 1st vision and showed it to him.  He was a bit confused cause he said "wait, you can't SEE God.  He's a ghost, remember?"  Yay for another inspired question from a 10 year old!  "Actually, He isn't.  He has a body, like yours, but perfect.  He can't get hurt or sick or anything like that."  He was absolutely blown away.  Then he turns to his mom and says "Mom, they have to come back.  I want to learn more about God!"  We just smiled at his mom, who now actually seemed to like us.  And, just so you know, we are going back this week!!  The sad part of the story is that P is going to a summer boarding school...............  But his mom said she can deliver stuff to him if we want.

As for the Andrews, H is preparing to receive the priesthood to baptize L!!  They have been coming to church actively for the last month, and they are just doing great.  H has opened up so much, and I just love him.  Amy has always been great, and L and C are the funniest, smartest kids.  It's never a dull moment around that house!

That's all the excitement this week.  Love you all!!!!!

Elder Carter

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