Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April 4, 2016 15 Step Program Strikes again!

I'll start with the sad news so that we get it out of the way....  WE DIDN'T GET TO WATCH ELDER HOLLAND SPEAK!  We had an appointment, and we had to leave right when he started speaking!  We were pretty ticked, but that's okay.  Due to the miracle of technology, I can listen to it whenever and however many times I want.  Yay!

Tuesday we were able to start the 15 step stop smoking program with a guy named R!  So far he is doing really good!  He will be officially done tomorrow.  But that's not the only fun thing that happened on Tuesday.  We were super low on miles, so we decided that we were going to get our bikes out.  Man, was that fun!  Our apartment is on the Southern end of Bismarck, and we needed to get up to the church, which is on the Norther part of town.  So, we hopped on our bikes and took off!!  We headed to the church, then headed back to our appointment with R, then back to the apartment, to another appointment, back to R's, back to the church, then back home.  We estimated a grand total of 30 miles.  What a ride!

Due to general conference, my week was dedicated to much sitting and listening.  We also helped the Bismarck Sisters move and the Mandan Elders move, so that took up more time.  But it was fun!  

Thursday we had a "party" for Sister D and Sister C, who have officially declared independence from cigarettes!  We had cheese cake.  It was a blast!

That's all folks!  Love ya!

Elder Carter V

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