Thursday, September 8, 2016

August 29, 2016 Rapid City

Howdy all!
My new address is 2880 Belgarde Blvd. #303.

Well, obviously a lot has happened, so here's the run down!  I said a bunch more goodbyes on tuesday, then I woke up Wednesday at about 1 AM hurling my guts out, so Wednesday was spent in bed.  The nurse wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did, and they said I got a virus, which exiled me to my apartment.  Thanks to the great Elders of Bismarck and Mandan, I was well taken care of.  They went to the store and got me all the supplies I needed.  After a little, I started to feel better, but still very weak, so in small spurts here and there, I slowly but surely packed my things in my bags.  Thursday morning I was feeling tons better, but Sister Hess didn't want me to infect the whole mission, so I didn't get to go to transfers, nor did I get transferred on that day.  It was super weird, and I felt like a bum! 
Friday was the day that we left.  I finally met my new companion (who I was supposed to meet on Wednesday), and we rode down to Rapid in the Transfer Van with the Traveling missionaries since they needed to make a trip down there anyway.  But, low and behold, I got motion sickness and was out of commission the rest of the night, and the next day wasn't any better for me.  My poor new missionary pretty much just cleaned our new apartment all day!
Sunday brought better news!  I felt tons better, and we actually did some work! 
Now, Rapid City is a cozy little tourist city.  When I say little, I mean it's small in population, but it seems huge to me!  I feel like I'm in a huge city when I drive through it, but really it is pretty small.  It is absolutely beautiful country out here!  Rolling hills, lots of trees, just stunning.  We are living in a 2 bedroom apartment with another companionship, which means we all sleep in one room and the other room is our study room.  It's a slumber party every night!  Our beds are practically stacked on top of each other haha!  But it is a super nice apartment.  We are staying with Elder Stapley and Elder Webb.  They are super funny.  It's never dull around our place when they are around, that's for sure.  We live out in the outskirts of town.
The ward here seems sweet, although everyone was on Vacation this week so there was almost no one there.  I don't really have a good idea of what it's like yet haha.
Fun little tidbit!  I saw someone at the church from the Gordon Branch!  It was the Tiensvolds!  It was awesome to see them!  Plus, my District Leader who I will be going on exchanges with, is now covering Gordon (the area is closed, but the missionaries in Chadron, NE cover it) so we're gonna have to go visit some folks one of these days.

As for my companion, he is the picture of a new missionary.  He has what we call "Greeny Fire".  He's so ready to go out and do work and share his testimony!  It's sweet to see!  He's also been a little under the weather though, so I don't think I have actually met the "real him" yet.  He is from Syracuse, UT, and he has been out for 3 days.
Well, that's about it.  Love you all tons!  Thanks for all the prayers!
Elder Carter V

These are the last goodbyes from Bismarck.

1)  The Forsyth's and Daniel and Kathleen (I don't know their last name, but they are awesome!)

2)  Sister Swenson

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