Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 26, 2016 Miracles on Miracles

This week we have seen many miracles! We have been finding success in our finding activities. We have an investigator named C who is 15 years old. Her family isn't interested but they said that if she wants to investigate she is more than welcome to. She has been very out front with us about being atheist and not really expecting an answer. She has told us that she genuinely wants to know mostly because she sees how much faith we have in what we do, but she hasn't kept any of our commitments. We had a "pep talk" with her about needing to do her part and we told her that for now, all we wanted her to do was have personal prayer with the intent to find out that this is true. We nagged her the first few days, then forgot to keep reminding her, then we had our meeting on Saturday where we gave her and her family a tour of the church. Right when she walks in and we're about to say a prayer, she says to her mom "well, I guess now's a good time to tell them. I want to be baptized". We were totally stunned! I asked her how her answer came and she said that she finally prayed the night before, and in the morning she just knew it was true and that she needed to search harder and deeper. We were so stoked! That night the bishops family (they are her fellowshippers) invited her to church and offered a ride, and when she got to church the next day they just took her under their wing and loved her up. I am so grateful for the Worsleys and all they have done for C! They are just the best. They truly have magnified their callings to be missionaries, and now C is feeling the Spirit both in their home, at church, and in her own personal prayers.
We started teaching a young man named J.  We knocked on his door and he asked us a bunch of questions on the door step.  We asked if we could come back another day and start teaching him these lessons which would answer a lot of his questions, and he said yes.  We taught him for the first time earlier in the week, and I had a very humbling experience.  The whole lesson, I was just a robot.  From square one, it was all "muscle memory" rather than following the Spirit.  I recognized that right off the bat but as I tried to fix it, nothing worked.  I was praying so hard on the inside that God would take over, and nothing happened to me.  But God answers prayers in His own way.  He didn't change my feelings or my actions, he didn't fill me with the Spirit so that I could teach more powerfully, but instead, he opened J's heart, so that even though I was on auto pilot, he still felt the truth of our message.  That was a testimony to me that the Spirit was working through him, and that this work is not my own.  This is the Lords work, and He's gonna do it the way He wants to, whether we're down or not.  What a blessing that was, that despite my own imperfection, he still felt the testimony of the Spirit in our message.
I saw G and M this week!  G is the guy that we taught in the Rushville jail back in Gordon, and M is from Manderson (on the Pine Ridge Reservation).  Gene lives up here so we went and visited him.  It was a blast from the past to see him! 
For the first time in my entire mission, I have been allowed to help someone move in when just walking by.  No one this whole time has allowed us to, and in the last 2 weeks, we've had 3 people allow us to!  It was fun to just serve these people.  One of families we helped move live in the same apartment complex as us, and they were just so happy that we came to help.  They were smiling from ear to ear, and that's the best reward you could get.  He told us that now we are his first friends in the area, and we'll always be welcome in his home.  His name was Dutch, and he's Jamaican.  Sweet accent, for sure.
That's about it for me this week.  Love you all!
Elder Carter V

P.S. Here's those pictures I promised from Mt. Rushmoore.

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