Thursday, September 8, 2016

July 18, 2016 The "foot-in-mouth" disease. (AKA, the "hand, foot, and mouth disease.)

Howdy all!

Not a whole lot happened this week.  Drove the van to Fargo, got back, picked up E. Kane, came home.  He's sweet!  He reminds me of my cousin, Eli, so it's gonna be AWESOME!  I think this transfers going to be pretty sweet.  We are both ZL's together.  

Most exciting thing that happened this week!  We saw L again!  It's been forever!  We just stopped in and talked with her for a while.  It was great.

As for the title of this email, there is a funny story to go along with it!  Bishop Davies of the Presiding Bishopric came to give just a small devotional to the missionaries in Bismarck and Minot, and when we all got together there was a missionary that had some nasty rash on his hands and face.  But, I didn't see the rash till after I had hugged him at the beginning of the meeting and I saw him outside afterwards and was told to wash my hands like crazy.  (I thought it was just really bad acne...)  So, While he was at this devotional there was a doctor who diegnosed his rash as "hand, foot and mouth disease".  So, we all washed our hands and called it good.  Then, not too long after that happened, we got a call from someone (they are going to remain unidentified for obvious reasons) telling us about this disease and how it is super contagious and that we needed to disinfect everything and tell everyone in the zone to do the same cause if they don't they are going to get this disease and be isolated for 7-10 days when the symptoms stop.  So, we call everyone in the zone and warn them about it, and most of us were pretty upset cause we had direct contact with him and were "contaminated".  Then, 2 days later, we found out otherwise.  For those of you who don't know, it is a disease that is pretty much only found in infants and is very hard to get as an adult.  Like Chicken Pocks, but not as bad.  So, it is now nick named "foot in mouth disease" cause it was made a much bigger deal than it needed to be and we were all worried we were gonna be locked in our apartment for a week.  But don't you worry, we are disease free!

Well folks, that about concludes this weeks session.  Love ya!

Elder Carter V

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