Thursday, September 8, 2016

July 5th, 2016 Planning, meetings, and Independance!

Well, this has been a meeting filled week.  We had a surprise MLC, which means we had a surprise ZTM to plan for, so Tuesday night to Friday night was all just meetings and planning for meetings.  We did see S, but it wasn't the best.  We got stressed for time and didn't put much effort into the lesson so the Spirit wasn't there, but!  We did get some of her house painted.  She didn't come to church cause she has been getting really bad headaches lately, and Sunday was a killer for her!  To answer some questions, no she hasn't quit smoking yet, but we haven't actually tackled that yet either.

As for the H and A, they had us over for Dinner last night, and we had 2 lessons with them this week.  They are both just soaking things up!  Heath asks a lot of questions cause it's been so long since he's been to church (barring the last few months) and we have just a good ole time with them while we're teaching.  It's amazing to see their testimonies rekindling, especially in H.  He's taking big steps to get ready for the Priesthood and to be sealed to A and his kids, and he's taking it like a champ!  A is such a great support for him too.  They are supporting each other a ton through this change.  I just love seeing them.  

As for transfers, we get calls on Saturday, and it is about time for me to leave.  I could stick around longer, but I doubt I will.  I'm pretty sure I'm a goner.  We'll find out for sure on Saturday!  

Love you all!  

Elder Carter V

1) Last night we (the missionaries of Mandan and Bismarck) got together and went to watch all the folks in Mandan shoot off their fireworks.  I'm convinced we were on the tallest hill in the state of ND, and it still wasn't that big.  But!  It was fun to be with the missionaries!

2)  E. Fillmore and I conquered this hill on our bikes!  Heck yes!  What a view

3)  Found this bread buried under our cereal.  Obviously, we haven't eaten cereal in a while.......

4)  Doin our laundry, looks like we left a couple of cards in our pockets.  Look who survived?  Coincidence?  I think not.

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