Thursday, September 8, 2016

July 11, 2016 Transfer calls and a big surprise

Hello all!

Transfer calls brought one of the biggest surprises yet!  We got a call from President Hess (which always means something big is about to happen) and we were both like "aw man!  This can't be good.  One of us is training hehe".  Nope!  It was crazier then that.  I was rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash so I couldn't say a word.  President did the usual ritual of "how are ya"s and "what's been goin on"s, then said "well, you're wondering why I called.  E. Fillmore, what do you think about comin on up north with me and Elder Riding?  We can both smooth out our rough patches together"  This was followed by a stunned silence on E. Fillmores part and I'm still swooshin my mouthwash around, unable to say a thing either, but man, was I smiling!  After a bit "well, sure thing President!  I'd love to".  Once we hung up, E. Fillmore looks at me with a stunned expression on his face and says "well, I think I just soiled myself.  I'm dying!!"  I laughed so hard!  He has been panicking for a while now hahaha!  It'll be too much fun for both Assistants to the President to be my last 2 comps.  Way too fun!  My new companion is Elder Kane!  Which means, I get to stay in Bismarck another transfer or 2!  Woot Woot!  I'm so stoked!  

Well, that's that news out of the way.  We had 2 amazing lessons with S this week.  The first was on faith as discussed in Alma 32, about it being a seed, and you need to plant it and see if it's a good seed, but if you never plant it, you'll never know if it's good or bad.  She then told us that when she started reading the BoM, she was very skeptical about it, but she prayed that if it was God's desire that she would have that doubt removed.  Now she's beginning to enjoy reading it, bit by bit.  The next time we came, we read the first 20 verses of Joseph Smith-History with her, and the Spirit was so strong.  She was just amazed by just the beginning of his story.  After we left, E. Fillmore looks at me and says "Poor thing.  She's starting to get a testimony."  It was great, and is great to visit with S.  

H and A are doing amazing.  As usual.  Since I'm staying I'll get to see L and C again!!!  I can't wait for that!  

As for my adventure for the week, we were driving home one night (we weren't wearing our white shirt and tie at the time) and these 2 girls in the car next to us started flirting with us, so we took advantage of the opportunity!  My companion talks with them for a bit, then says "hey, can we give you a present?"  They looked confused, a little excited, but said yeah.  So (while at a stop light, don't worry) he leans out the window to hand them a Book of Mormon, but we were too far away, so he says "I'll throw it to you".  He did.  She didn't quite catch it, with her hands at least.  It smacked her in the face and she just laughed as my comp apologized through his own laughes of embarrassment.  Then, as the light turns green and we start driving, she yells to us while holding up the book "what the heck is this?"  E. Fillmore yells back "It's a book!  Read it!  It'll change your life".  Then we turned on our street and went home.  Mission accomplished!

That's all folks.  Love you tons, hope all is well.

Elder Carter V

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