Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 6, 2016 I have no subject for this week...

To answer the questions!  Rapid City is much smaller than Bismarck, although it has a big city look to it when you first get there.  But now that I've driven through the whole city, I realized that it's tiny.  There are 5 wards in Rapid, and 2 sets of missionaries for each ward, so there are a lot of us out here sharing the city, but we have a very different assignment than we have had in the past.  In the Canyon Lakes ward, we are now sharing the ward boundaries rather than splitting it up into areas.  It is going rather well so far!  It requires much more planning and communication than I've ever had to deal with before, but I think that it's gonna be great once we figure it out.  We just travel wherever we want inside the ward and hope we don't try the same people.  But, that's what the planning with each other is for.  We're some of the "guinea pigs" for this whole situation, so who knows what will happen.
Life in Rapid is good so far, although we haven't really had much happen.  Still learning the area and trying to meet as many people as possible.  We started working with a woman named H.  She's from Oklahoma too!  I was so stoked!  We had fun reminiscing about the humidity, tornadoes, random earthquakes (okay, we didn't actually reminisce about that one.  She just told me about it.).  We had a great first lesson with her.  She truly wants to know what is the truth and how it can help her.  She's been through a lot in her life, but has always known that God was there.  She just doesn't know why bad things happen to good people.  Good thing we're here to answer her questions, eh?  We're meeting with her again this week. 
Aside from her, we've met a lot of people, but haven't met with many if you get what I mean.  There are some grand people out here. 
Well, hopefully next week I have more to report on.  Life is good, my comp is great, missionary life is crazy, and I'm lovin it.
Love you all!
Elder Carter V

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